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Prof Min Dong-Hong

Tel: 0086-13609123593
Address: College of Agronomy, Northwest A&F University, No.3 Taicheng Road Yangling, Shaanxi, PRC
I. Education
Ph.D. of Crop genetics and breeding, Northwest A&F University,2006
Master of Crop genetics and breeding(equivalency), Northwest A&F University, 2002
Bachelor of Agriculture Science, Northwest Agricultural University ,1990
II.Research Interests
Long-term commitment to teaching and research work on crop Genetics and breeding. The main  research interests are in the area of traditional wheat breeding and its theories and methods, wheat improvement for stress resistence by gene engineering, molecular biology of stress tolerance in Wheat.
III.Teaching Tasks
 Plant Breeding: Profession course of each academic year to College of Agronomy for undergraduates, Northwest A&F University(since,2006).
 Principle and Technology of Crop Genetic Engineering: Profession course of each academic year to graduate school for MSc students, Northwest A&F University(2009 –to date.).
 Introduction to Modern Seed Industry, Profession course of each academic year to graduate school for MSc students, Northwest A&F University(since 2014).
 As of 2014, 17 master students have completed their course and obtained the degree. At present, 12 master students and 1 doctoral students in reading.
Ⅳ.Academic Achievement
   Research Grants:
 The new transgenic wheat line breeding by using the TaTPK protein kinase gene related to drought tolerance gene with the method of no selection markers and linear-expression frame(the GMO new varieties cultivation of national major special project, 2014ZX0800203B,
 The research on the high efficiency technology to wheat breeding and breeding the new wheat variety(Innovation project of science and technology plan of Shaanxi province, 2014KTZB02-01-01,2014-2016)
 The key techniques research on the genetic engineering and cells culture to high yield and disease-resistant wheat variety fast directional breeding( the project of Shaanxi Province agricultural science and technology, 2013K02-01,2013-2014)
 The new transgenic wheat line breeding rapidly and directly by using the TaEBP of related to drought tolerance gene(the GMO new varieties cultivation of national major special project, 2009ZX08002-008B,2009-2012.)
 The establishment of Dwarf Male-sterile wheat Recurrent-selection populations and the new wheat variety breeding(the project of Shaanxi Province agricultural science and technology. 2007-2010)
 Dwarfing sterile wheat breeding basic condition construction in Shaanxi Province
(1251610400305, 2005.10-2010.09)
 Development of Wheat Improvement Population of Quality and High Yield Applying Dwarf Male-sterile Recurrent-selection and Molecular Marker Technique(the natural science foundation of Shaanxi Province,2007 C121)
   Variety registration:
 National level: Xinong2208(2003), Xinong979(2005), Xinong9718(2006).
 Provincial level: Xinong8727(1997), Xinong2611(1999), Xinong9872(2006), Xinong9871(2008), and Xinong165(2013), etc.
   Academic Awards:
 Dwarf-male-sterile wheat and its application in wheat breeding (The First Prize of National Science and Technology Progress in 2010, Level 2 award certificate,2010-SAAS-R34).
 Breeding of wheat variety (Triticum aestivum L.) Xinong 979 with broad adaptability, multi-resistance, high yield and high quality(The first prize of Shaanxi province science and technology progress in 2010,3/11).
 Breeding of wheat variety (Triticum aestivum L.) Xinong2208 with multi-resistance, high quality and high yield(The second prize of Shaanxi province science and technology progress in 2007,5/9).
 Breeding of wheat variety (Triticum aestivum L.) Xinong2611 with high yield and early-maturing (The second prize of Shaanxi province science and technology progress in 2002,3/9).
 Breeding of a new wheat variety(Triticum aestivum L.) Xinong 8727(The third prize of Shaanxi province science and technology progress in 2000,2/5)
Ⅴ. Publications in Journals
 MA Ya-nan, CHEN Ming, XU Dong-bei, FANG Guang-ning, WANG Er-hui, GAO Shi-qing, 
   XU Zhao-shi, LI Lian-cheng, ZHANG Xiao-hong, MIN Dong-hong*, MA You-zhi*(2015).
    G-Protein β Subunit AGB1 positively regulates salt stress tolerance in Arabidopsis.Journal of   
    Integrative Agriculture,14(1): 60345-7
 Xiao-Hong Zhang , Bo Li, Yin-Gang Hu , Liang Chen and Dong-Hong Min*(2014).The Wheat E Subunit of V-Type H+-ATPase Is Involved in the Plant Response to Osmotic Stress.Int. J. Mol. Sci. 15: 16196-16210.
 Dong-Hong Min, Yue Zhao, Dong-Ying Huo, Lian-Cheng Li, Ming Chen, Zhao-Shi Xu*, You-Zhi Ma(2013). Isolation and identification of a wheat gene encoding a zinc finger Protein (TaZnFP) responsive to abiotic stresses. Acta Physiol Plant, 35:1597–1604
 Dong-wei Guo, Dong-Hong Min, Zhao-shi Xu, Ming Chen, Lian-cheng Li, Muhammad Ashraf, Abdul Ghafoor, You-zhi Ma*(2013). Flow karyotyping of wheat addition line “T240” with a Haynaldia villosa 6VS telosome. Plant Molecular Biology Reporter, 31: 289-295
 Tauqeer Ahmad Yasir, Donghong Min, Xiaojie Chen, Anthony Gerard Condon, Yin-Gang Hu
(2013). The association of carbon isotope discrimination (△) with gas exchange parameters and  
yield traits in Chinese bread wheat cultivars under two water regimes. Agricultural Water
Management, 119:111-120
 Dong-Hong Min, Xiao-Hong Zhang , Zhao-Shi Xu, Yue Zhao, Yang Chen, Lian-Cheng Li, Ming Chen, You-Zhi Ma(2012). Induction Kinetics of a Novel Stress-related LEA Gene in Wheat, 30:1313–1321
 Xiaojie Chen, Donghong Min, Tauqeer Ahmad Yasir, Yin-Gang Hu(2012). Evaluation of 14 morphological, yield-related and physiological traits as indicators of drought tolerance in Chinese winter bread wheat revealed by analysis of the membership function value of drought tolerance (MFVD). Field Crops Research, 137:195–201
 Liang Chen, Linzhou Huang, Donghong Min, Andy Phillips, Shiqiang Wang, Pippa J. Madgwick, Martin A. J. Parry, Yin-Gang Hu(2012). Development and Characterization of a New TILLING Population of Common Bread Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.). PLoS ONE, 7(7): 1-11.
Ⅵ. Books Chapters
 Wang Guan-lin, Fang Hong-jun, ZHu Yan-ming, Min Dong-hong, et al (2014). Plant Genetic Engineering. In: 7th article,41th chapter" genetic characteristics of the exogenous gene and its application". Editors: Xi-Hui, Chong-Nan &Tian Ming-Xia, Science Press. ISBN 978-7-03-041090-0
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